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Ton ist einer der ältesten Werkstoffe der Menschheitsgeschichte und wird schon seit Jahrtausenden zur Herstellung von Gebrauchsgütern, Kunstgegenständen und für den Bau von Behausungen verwendet. Das aus der Erde gewonnene Material kann leicht aufbereitet und wiederverwendet werden. Sein überregionales Vorkommen macht ihn zu einer weltweit bedeutsamen Ressource. Durch die lebendigen und charakteristischen Eigenschaften in Formverhalten […]

“98년생 이수빈” 전시회 – 오픈콜

이 전시회를 통해 1995년에서 2000년 사이에 태어난 여성들의 한국 사회에서의 일상을 반영하는 작품들을 모으고자 합니다. 조남주 작가의 소설 “82년생 김지영”에서 컨셉을 착안하여, 젊은 여성들의 이야기와 그들이 매일 겪는 차별에 대한 업데이트된 이야기를 하고자 합니다.
전시는 마포구 아트스페이스 블루스크린(@artspace_bluscreen)에서 7월 26일에서 8월 1일까지 일주일간 열릴 예정입니다.

“Overwhelming Doubt” by Miro Leon

Decent Supply presents “Overwhelming Doubt”, the third EP by Miro Leon, featuring cover-art by Hong Kong-based artist Yan Chum (@chumfilmphoto). After back in March 2019, Miro Leon released his second EP and first major release with Decent Supply on all relevant streaming platforms we’re proud to release his next main project. Words by the artist:“This […]

“Live in Solingen” by Daun & Simon

Decent Supply proudly announces the official release of the first live album by Cologne-based harp- and percussion-duo “Daun & Simon”, called “Live in Solingen”. The duo recorded the four-song debut project at “Theater und Konzerthaus Solingen”. For “Live in Solingen” Daun & Simon blend self-written tunes with pieces composed by other musicians to explore different […]

aesthetic documentations vol. I

Decent Supply proudly announces its first physical release in form of the “aesthetic documentations vol. I” photography book featuring 50 exclusive images by Miro Leon Bucher (@miroxleon). The series aims to document daily life around the world, with the focus of volume one being on the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Korea, and […]

“Spaziergang” by Daun & Simon

Decent Supply releases the first streamable single by new signing “Daun & Simon”, a Cologne-based harp and percussion duo. With “Spaziergang”, they bring out one of their own compositions, recorded at “Theater und Konzerthaus” in Solingen, Germany. The single is taken from their soon to be released first album “Live in Solingen” (November 13, 2020). […]

“Experimental One” by Lasse Dyre

We’re proud to present the debut project by Lasse Dyre, “Experimental One”, released under the Decent Supply banner. Following the first two single releases, “Grainy Days” and “Another Insight”, who’s music video we’ve previously featured on our YouTube channel, the full EP under the name of “Experimental One” is now available on YouTube, Soundcloud, Apple […]

“Acratic” by Miro Leon

We’re proud to present the very first release under the Decent Supply banner. “Acratic” by Miro Leon is officially available at all major streaming services since March 15, 2019. The EP features three new instrumental songs, including the name-giving song “Acratic”. The EP follows Miro Leon’s reasonable success on SoundCloud and is the first mainly […]

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